To register for exams in 2018 please follow the instructions below.

1. Check that the date of your exam is published on this website ( Also make sure that you have not missed the Closing Date for Entries for this exam. If you have please contact the centre to make sure places are still available.

2. Important: Please read the Conditions of Entry and Regulations very carefully.

3. Download and complete an Entry Form:

Please click here for an entry form if you are under 17 years old
Please click here for an entry form if you are 18 years old or over
For any other questions please see our FAQ page.

4. Send or deliver your form to the Cambridge Examinations Centre (Details)

5. Transfer the Examination Fee to the following bank account:

Account name: Andreas Grundtvig / Cambridge Examinations
Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa)
Account number: 105 622 1193
IBAN: DE38200505501056221193

Important: Please ensure that the name of the candidate appears on the bank transfer form.
Cash payments are also possible, but only by first contacting the Centre Manager.

NB. DO NOT wait for us to confirm receipt of your form before making this payment.

6. Please also DO NOT contact us to ask if we have received your entry. If you wish to have absolute certainty that your entry form has safely reached us, please use the recorded delivery system offered by the German postal authorities (Rückantwortschein).

You will receive an email with further details immediately after theClosing Date for Entries. This includes instructions for the procedure of the Examination Day. Please make sure that you read this email very carefully to avoid unnecessary stress or disappointment on the day of your exam. If you do not receive this email within five working days of the given closing date, please contact the centre immediately.

7. About one month before your Exam, you will receive an official confirmation of your registration from the University of Cambridge by email. This Confirmation of Entry includes your full Examination timetable as well as details of how to see your results after the exam. You MUST keep this very safely, we cannot help you if you lose it.