English at Work – A Helta Conference for in-company teachers in Northern Europe

The Hamburg English Language Teaching Association are pleased to launched their call for proposals for the English at Work Conference for in-company teachers in Northern Europe.

Global firms are increasingly adopting English as their main language for internal communication. Their employees may already have a good knowledge of general English, but still need to fine-tune their language skills for their professional area (logistics, HR, etc). This need not be complex, and could be something as simple as giving instructions or sharing ideas as part of an international team; visiting branches or offices in other countries; or simply talking the talk at social events after the working day is done. This conference in Germany’s biggest port, considered by many to be a hub of Northern European trade, aims to address teaching issues in this region. We especially welcome presentations which deal with a more practical use of English in the workplace.

See www.helta.de for further details

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